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— JULY 8 — Ninja of the Sea

Team Fish Circus travels to South Florida in search of a daytime swordfish and end up in the swamp.

— JULY 15 — Welcome To My Island

With Big Fluffy missing in action, the crew must cross over to the Bahamas without him.  When they arrive, something unexpected awaits.

— JULY 22 —

pre-empted by Shark Week

— JULY 29 —

pre-empted by Shark Week

— AUG 5 — Close Encounters

The crew gets up close with many species and even closer to stingrays.

— AUG 12 — Jungle Therapy

In Costa Rica, the crew targets billfish.  Meanwhile, the guys overcome fears deep in the jungle.

— AUG 19 — The Big Bet

Jerry and Big Fluffy treat themselves to a spa day, and the crew makes a friendly wager.

— AUG 26 — Come on Up, The Weather is Fine

Captain Chunky has the Virginians drop everything and rush up to New Jersey for the hot striped bass bite.

— SEP 2 — Tuna Time

Team Fish Circus returns to the Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament to improve on last year’s Top-10 finish.

— SEP 9 — Venture to the Deep

The crew takes an overnight trip to the Canyons off New Jersey.

— SEP 16 — In Good Company

Big Fluffy brings a few unexpected friends along to help scout fishing holes for an upcoming tournament.

— SEP 23 — The Deep Sea Rodeo

Team Fish Circus returns to the world’s largest fishing tournament, the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, to take on over 3,000 competitors and prove their worth.